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Cast Answers: Favourite thing about the holidays?

  • Rory O'Malley:

    John Denver and the Muppets' Christmas album!

  • Josh Gad:

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the transformation everything goes through. It is magical to see a city like NY suddenly become a winter wonderland full of lights, Christmas trees, and beautiful window displays.

  • Nikki M. James:

    My favorite thing about the holidays is getting to spend time with my family. Over the years our traditions have changed and we've lost and gained members of our family. The one thing that has stayed the same is that we each make is a priority to be together. In a time where we can all get so busy and caught up in our own lives its good to have even one day to slow down. Plus, my two year old nephew makes everything just a little more fun!

  • Andrew Rannells:

    It provides you with a great excuse to start drinking in the morning. Mimosas and screwdrivers are perfectly acceptable at 10AM on Christmas morning.


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Sin Celery,

Josh Gad drove me crazy rehearsing for this song. Because one thing about Josh Gad is that he is terrified of dancing. This song is two counts of eight and Josh would make me practice with him over and over and over and over ad nauseum. Then I would mess up. So thanks Josh Gad .
Andrew Rannells, introducing Two By Two on Mormon Mondays, The Broadway Channel on Sirius XM radio. (via biblicaltimes)


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